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The Dutch brand ofPlagron fertilizer is a benchmark for culture indoor and outdoors, among their range of products there are fertilizers for all types of crops, and all types of substrates.
Plagron offers you the choice between the 100% Natural, Terra, Coco and  hydroponics. As for the ideal choice, it rather depends on your habits and your expectations in the sense that a grower looking mainly for yield will turn to mineral or hydroponic fertilizers, while the grower mainly looking for taste will turn to the Plagron range. 100% Natural.

100% Terra Grow Chart

Planning de culture Plagron 100% Terra avec le substrat Lightmix


Planning de culture Plagron 100% Terra avec le terreau Growmix

100% fertilizer base Terra Grow and Bloom is used with potting soil, and as you can see the dosage will differ depending on the substrate used, Lightmix or growmix. In early growth to ensure a healthy and strong plant you will need stimulators such as the root booster Power Roots, foliar fertilizer Life Race, then it will be up to you to see the nutrients to add according to your needs.


100% Natural Grow Chart

Schéma de culture Plagron 100% Natural
Plagron 100% Natural fertilizers are also composed of two bases, Alga Grow for growth and Alga Bloom for flowering.
Regarding culture with substrates Batmix, Royalmix and Allmix, you can, depending on your growing conditions, switch to growth fertilizers if you are planning a short growth because they already contain enough nutrients to last 3 weeks to 1 month. For flowering you will have the choice between the Royal Sugar sugar stimulator, or the Flowering Booster Green Sensation (possibility to alternate the 2)

Table of culture 100% Coco

Schéma de culture des engrais Plagron 100% Coco
The 100% Coco base comes in two bottles, Coco A&B. These fertilizers are used together from growth to the end of flowering, basically throughout the crop.
Concerning the additives it is the same as for the mineral culture, during the growth we will use Power Roots, Vita Race and Sugar Royal, while in flowering we can switch to the Flowering Booster Green Sensation.

100% Hydro culture table

Planning de culture Plagron 100% hydro
And here we have the fertilizer base for the hydroponics which, like the Coco base, consists of 2 bottles which will be used until the end of cultivation. Plagron hydro A&B are to be mixed together in the tank before feeding your plants.
The additives will be the same as for mineral culture.

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