Advanced Nutrients Feeding schedule

Advanced Nutrients is a Canadian brand created in 1999 by the farmer Big Mike. Legend has it that there was a time when the majority of the big players in the industry tried to distance themselves from the truth by claiming that their fertilizers were more for growing tomatoes and didn't even stand in a garden or a grow room with one of their clients, one man stood out from the crowd, side by side with his fellow growers, embracing the truth and opening the curtain to expose the good, bad side of indoor and outdoor growing, innovating by the same occasion the way marijuana has been grown for over four decades now. 

Advanced Nutrients is considered by most growers as the best brand of fertilizer both in terms of yield and quality of the final product. It is also the easiest to manage because on top of that with its use the plants require less care in general.

Beginner Grow Micro Bloom Table

Calendrier de culture Advanced Nutrients pour débutant
Here the cultivation calendar is based on a light cycle for plants feminized, for automatics it will be necessary to slightly reduce the quantity of fertilizer to be dosed. At first glance you might think that there is a hell of a range of fertilizers to put in each watering, but wait until you see the expert grow calendar to figure it out.
Just for information, you are not obliged to put all the fertilizers indicated on the schedules of culture because the prices for a complete range are quite high.
If ever your budget is tight you can already cultivate with the necessary basic fertilizers which are PH Perfect Grow Micro et Bloom, for the root stimulator you have Voodoo Juice, then in bloom you will use the stimulator Big Bud in order to promote the yield, and you'll end up with Overdrive. For rinsing you can either use Flawless Finish, or you can also do without.

Tableau de culture Grow Micro Bloom Expert

Calendrier de culture Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom pour growers expert
As you can see with the expert culture table it is not a question of having a light hand, you already have all the fertilizers of the beginner culture schedule and for the fertilizers to add it will depend on your expectations, for example for the roots you will use Voodoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha combined to provide maximum vitality to the root system, in bloom you will be treated to a cocktail including Bud Factor X, Big Bud, Rhino Skin, bud Ignitor Bud Candy and so on.
What is sure is that with the full range we get baseball bats as buds.

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