The basis of the sauce-culture

the sauce-culture is not an infused science or a tutorial as such, We see ourselves more as a "band of friends" wanting to share a common vision: to do things our way! Do not especially follow all these rules imposed on us by these great thinkers in the sector. Especially if it's for ultimately obtain the same results as these ...  

AT get in mind when starting a culture interior
Most new growers of weed debut their first indoor culture by following tutorials everywhere. As has been the case for all of us: do this, but not like that, do that but not like this, etc.… We lose our minds pretty quickly. Special mention for those who take themselves down while wanting to give us their advice by taunting us. (Pfffff the worst them; lazy of them). Then comes the fateful moment of practice. We realize that after having followed all the tutorials available on the web, scoured the forums in search of opinions (which can sometimes be useful depending on the case and the giver of advice), we end up with a full culti of problems without understanding why. Personally we always recommend to mix all these "tips". according to our experiences, cultivation by instinct has always allowed us to obtain better yields and general results compared to cultures carried out from A to Z by following tutorials and advice to the letter. As a reminder, the culture of one is not that of the other and the same goes for genetics, a seed of White Widow, Gorilla glue, Haze etc ... can never be 200% identical. to its congener. So try to sort things out for example: 

I have the leaves that show a sign of stress and some tell me that it is after too much or little watering and the others talk to me about wrongly dosed fertilizer, I apply everything as it should to finally return take into account that this stress was due to the fact that the fans were too ready but in the meantime I over or underwater and deregulate the fertilizer dosages following advice…. Advice OK, but instinct and above all love to cultivate influences the result, advice brings knowledge and then this knowledge is also developed in turn.

Cannabis culture and fertilizer medium

Preferably buy potting soil for cannabis. There are some for growth, flowering or mixed according to your desires and needs. Each formula has a ratio of nutrients of style nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). For our part, we have always favored organic cultivation. It is less of a personal puzzle. We have all seen these “famous scientific experts” playing with these large automatic pumps, constantly calculating the level of PH and EC. All this, so that in the end, the yield and the THC level are the same as in organic cultivation. One of the advantages of organic cultivation : is that we don't have to worry too much aboute it. Although it is preferable to let the water stand for at least 24 hours before using it to let the chlorine evaporate and perhaps filter it if there is too much lime (otherwise it can be a risk). Another advantage is the rinsing We always rinse organic cultures but less intensively than in mineral cultures and the taste is better! (Less risk of tingling in the throat, bitter taste, migraine etc.…)

Germination / sowing

The cannabis cultivation starting from seeds requires a germination phase which can be achieved in several ways. The most popular techniques for doing germinate the seeds are: the paper towel or glass of water method in which the seed is left floating. There are those who plant the seed directly in the pot and make it germinate as well but hey… Personally, we will say at your own risk (and your own experience). We broke our teeth with this technique and we didn't really want to do it again. So on our side we always use wet paper towels and at the right temperature placed on the dish of a first plate. We put the seed there, put a layer of paper on top, then we put a second plate, and to close we put everything in a plastic bag well closed for the airtight side and so that the darkness is total (because do not forget that your seeds need these things: humidity, darkness, and a good room temperature in the range of 20 degrees). Once your seed will have germ you can put it in a pot but you already knew that :)

Contribution of light

Once your plant emerges its first leaf, it will be up to you to manage how you wish to light your plants Again, sometimes there are questions to be asked. During one of our experiments (sauce-culture) we carried out test cultures: 2 culture box of 100x100, 4 plants of the same genetics (CRITICAL from RQS) in each box, same model of mars hydro TS 3000 grow light, watering, fattening. For the growth, we made 18/6 of light for the first and 16/8 for the second, in flowering it was 12/12 for the first and 10/14 the second. Result the second box had more than yield to within 10gr (It is not this result every time so do not get started without having a plan B first). Question texture / touch the second box wins, question smashes THC the first, for the taste the second. It's strange to think that going against the fundamental rules of inner cultivation can be beneficial.


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